About Soundsmiths Promotions Ltd

Soundsmiths Promotions Ltd began life in New Year 2012 as a business set up to represent a collective of established professional session musicians supplying weddings and events with a superior quality of live entertainment whilst also cutting out the additional price of agents' fees.

In the two years that followed, demand grew, and the business began to attract attention from performers looking for management and promotion. In mid 2013, we were approached to get involved in planning and promoting a theatre tour, and had already been looking into promoting smaller live music nights and other local events.

So, in 2014, the business was incorporated under the new name of Soundsmiths Promotions Ltd, and whilst still supplying weddings and similar functions, Soundsmiths Promotions Ltd is better equipped to promote and produce larger events such as theatre productions and national tours for our acts and products than ever before, and to promote other non-musical events too. With a pool of professional technicians, dealing with technical aspects such as lighting and stage design, and a tour manager avaialble in addition to our experienced event planners and musicians, we're confident we can offer as much or as little support as you may need for any event.

All Soundsmiths Promotions Ltd theatre and event products are designed with the utmost respect for the music included, using top session musicians from across the UK. We also pride ourselves in our innovative lighting, designed to add a sense of scale and spectacle using the newest technology.